Hi Cara and Greg

I am very pleased to advise you that the trip was in fact FIRST Class !!

I Had 17 Surf sessions in 9 effective Days. We had surf every single day !!!

The Organisation was top class, we had post surf meetings to analyse shortcomings/improvements in our Surfing by James Casey from photos taken of the session as well as a full on Lecture by Bert Burger who owns Sunova Surf and SUP board manufacturing. Extremely insightful.

The relatively high price for the trip was absolutely worth every cent.

The Food on board was on a par with a Top Class Restaurant. Drinks were a good variety and had everything that I wanted.

Overall I would rate the trip 10/10.

Only Downside….It’s over !!

Damn !

Thank you guys for all your help in getting me on the trip and the call from Greg as I was about to board the plane.

All makes for a very good experience!

Best regards

Grant Renecle