About the Guru:

The Guru has consulted for some of the biggest Surf Brands, Photographers, Travel companies, Pro Surfers, Tour Operators and Events companies around the world;

NOW he is available to help YOU, the traveler, the surfer, the romantic, the honeymooners, the traveling family, the watersports fanatic and many more.

Score better, more and less crowded waves – Guaranteed!

Where to go, where to stay? When? What to take? What to ride? Why? How to get there?

Deals, tricks, dangers, safety, tips, maps, semi-secret waves, local contacts, discounts, FREE stuff, surf reports, and inside info.

This information will save you money and time!

Personally, chat to the Guru and get all his unique knowledge, unbiased inside info, and advice to help make your trip so much more INCREDIBLE!


The History of The Surf Travel Guru:

My name is Greg Bertish. My father was an explorer, a surfer, a businessman and a world traveler. My two brothers and I grew up with his sense of adventure and absolute love for the ocean and travel.  As kids & young adults, we travelled and surfed all over Africa throughout the 80s. In the 90s I explored, surfed, sailed, kayaked and snowboarded across Europe, more of Africa, the USA, Mexico and the islands of the Indian Ocean. In 1998 I helped set up one of the first, and now one of the most successful Surf & Adventure Travel Companies in the Southern Hemisphere. We pioneered surf and adventure travel to Madagascar, and for the past 20 years I have visited and surfed across the Indian Ocean, Asia, Australia, East and West Africa, parts of South America and more. During this time I have traveled Indonesia extensively and lived part time in Bali and Australia.

I have travelled solo and feral, I have travelled in style, I have travelled as a couple, and I now travel with my wife Tracy and our little boys Kodi (7) and Ryder( 5). I know exactly what will suit you based on your needs and your dreams. On my travels, I have met and often made friends with many amazing people, living amazing lives and running awesome Lodges, Resorts, Charter boats and Camps. This site, is set up so that I can personally introduce you too, or at least let you visit these amazing contacts and offerings around the world.

Not only do I suggest the best suited destination, location and surf spots to suit your requirements, budget and skill level; BUT unlike other Operators and agents, I actually introduce you directly to the owners, operators, locals and service providers, so that you can liaise and organise exactly what you require and need. I help get you the best deal, and you liaise and pay them direct or book it through our recommended specialists.

No extra charges, no extra fees or commissions need to be paid by you to me. In fact, you will more than likely receive discounts, add ons, extras and cost savings worth more than any initial consult fee.”