Good morning Sue and Greg 

This has taken embarrassingly long to reply…

Thanks, we had an AMAZING trip!!!

I found Bali to be a complete sensory overload, in the best possible way. The roads and traffic were hectic, yet no agro.

The people were amazing, friendly and helpful. The food was fantastic and even with banana pancakes for breakfast we all lost a bit of weight. The surf was bigger and more powerful than expected, and being in warm water was really amazing. So nice to finish a surf being tired and hungry, not cold!!

Bali really is third world and much busier that I expected. The litter and rubble is pretty unbelievable in places, and at the same time there is a sense of peace with cooking smells and incense wafting through the air. It was soooo nice to feel the peace and to not feel threatened and be nervous about safety. Being away from SA was a reminder of how much we subconsciously live with. After getting over the initial couple of nights of jet lag we all slept so well, some definitely better than at home!

The places you booked for us to stay were really great. Cliff Top Lodge was probably the highlight because of the setting and style. It was really nice to has stayed in the variety of different places that we did and to leave feeling like we had covered and seen a good portion of Bali and not feel like we had missed out.

We spent our last two nights in Canggu. It was initially a bit of a shock after five super chilled days in Amed. We loved the vibe and food, being able to walk every where, it was a great place to end the trip.

Bintang’s went down easily and were ice cold even in the tiny warung’s on the beach. Such a fantastic and peaceful way to have sundowners.

This trip was the longest time we have spent together as a family, without meeting up with family or friends.

It really was an amazing interruption from normal life. The only time issues were getting back for breakfast, before they stopped serving and finding somewhere comfortable Intime for sundowners and our ongoing card games.

Sitting in CT you don’t realise quite how far away Bail is. However even the 35hr (big delays in jhb on the way home) trip home won’t stop us going back. 

We would definitely recommend True Blue and your services (unbelievably patient and understanding and booked some really great places to stay)

We’ve come home dreaming of our next trip.

Next time: book earlier (cheaper, more direct flights), pack less (some great finds while traveling) and adventure further into Indo….


Thanks again for both of your assistance in making this such a memorable trip for us,