Bernie Shelley and Crew are scoring their “ DREAM SURF TRIP” in Madagascar.

Days of warm water, head high waves, and just them out at the A Frame reef, trading waves with friends,

snorkeling around the reef and their surf cruiser as well as filming each other with their Go Pros.

Here is what they had to say about Paradise:

Day 1 :

“WOW , its paradise here. The Joy of this place…… Epic journey , so well worth it!”

Day 2 :

“Yesterday and today, overhead on takeoff and waist high by end of ride”

Day 3:

“I lived my dream today! Fun , mellow friends, shoulder high glassy warm waves all to our selves all day.

Surfed topless for two hours ( trying to out do the Bertish Brothers who surfed Naked in the Maldives together)

It does not get better !”

Day 4:

Little , fun waves today. All to ourselves again!

Day 5:

Another Super day. Went whale spotting and snorkeling and rode small waves again, fun with the Go Pro.

Langoustines for lunch!!!! Yummy,,,,”

Day 6:

“No surf today , explored the island and chilled . Big surf on its way”