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Consults are actually FREE…. If you do book your trip with True Blue Travel. (Your consult fee is deducted from your booking).

  • PLATINUM GROUPS (Families) Consult – Personal Telephone, Whats app or Skype call – 30 min  AND/OR   X 8 – e mails
  • COST:  R1500  ($150)   for  3 to 7 travellers   OR  R2000 ($200) for 8 or more adult travellers

YOU GET: Intro, advice , Ideas,  direction, local information, AND cost saving, timesaving and safety tips, PLUS basic  surf info and ideas

  • Where to go in the world to suit you, your budget and your surf and travel needs.
  • What time of year, what type of surf,  what location, what beaches are the best and what are the pro’s and cons of everything.
  • New ideas and suggestions on places that may suit you more AND updated SPECIAL offers available.
  • What airline to fly and how and when to book them to save money and time

PLUS – what to pack, Visa and Travel advise, location details and Private and personal contacts or Info on Hospitals/ Doctors/ Taxi Drivers/ Car & Scooter rental, surf Guides,

  • Inside info and Semi SECRET SURF SPOTS and BEACHES ; how and where to score less crowded surf,
  • A Personalised  & Bespoke Itinerary
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Price Is Per Person. Kids Are FREE!
Better & More Surf
Safer Travel
Contacts & Intro’s
Secret Info/Extra’s

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