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TROPICAL RUSH: A solid 10 foot swell thunders down the reef at Uluwatu. Photo Bertish

Literally wihtin two days, I scored an early morning session of 8-10 foot Impossibles and then cranking Uluwatu the next day. There were only six of us out for two hours early in the morning. I had one of my better surf sessions in Bali, riding my 7.0, and getting wave after wave.


The thing about spots like Ulus and Impossibles is that they are proper waves. They break on very shallow coral with a power that many may not be used in the countries where they are from. For many South Africans, particularly from the Cape Town area, that’s not an issue.

MIXED THRILL: The beauty about finding the right “spot” is that everyone is happy. Photo Bertish

This often means that when the swell is solid, the takers are fewer, especially if you mission very early in the morning. If you paddle out at first light, you might be the first in the water, with a couple of hours before the post-brekkie crew finally get themselves in the zone.


You are also near a plethora of other spots where other members of your family feel safe and at ease, with much more benign conditions. This is a key ingredient for a successful family surf trip. 

iPHONE VIEW: You don’t need super high res images to get the picture of how good the surf is.

And then, of course, when the sun sets, you’re perched atop these incredible cliffs, where you can enjoy a G&T, a icy Bintang or some cold drinks after amazing surf. Comfortably exhausted, you can chill with a view that stretches all the way to Africa.

It is from south of that great continent where these incredible swells originate, some travelling 3,000 kilometres to reach Indonesia. In Blog 3, we start to prepare for the trek eastwards from Bali, but not after the family get to score epic smaller waves nearby.


SUNSET LINES: There are few sights more inspiring than a proper groundswell hitting Indonesia.


The biggest hassle about surf travel is trying to fit everyone’s needs into one trip. Everyone wants to surf different kinds of waves. Some don’t surf. Some want to snorkel or go whale watching or take cultural tours. Luxury is nice some times, but not all the time. A pondok with wooden rafters and palm roof can also be kiff. A swimming pool for some, good fishing for others. Good food, or massages on tap? 

How do you find these all-in-one places without wasting tons of cash and time? Greg Bertish has come up with special consultancy packages (by email, phone, face to face or combinations thereof), and if you book through True Blue Travel, he waives the fee.