After 14 months , True Blue send its first intrepid surfers off to find the perfect tropical wave .

Johan and crew pulled the trigger and shot off to the Maldives in Mid March, to see what they could see.


Flying on Qatar via Doha and during these covid times , this is what he had to say ,  “what a top class airline” and ” everything ran so smoothly”.


Some covid tests, before and during and after the trip , but NO quarantine required for Maldives travel.  Maldives has it waxed at the moment and travel is the easiest and best.

Fly in, do a quick rapid PCR test and off to your surf island.  Big specials on offer!


They had a week of uncrowded fun small to medium waves in the tropics. Cooking tropical water runners. 2 to 3 surfs a day, often just them in the water and no more than 8 surfing together ever.

So Maldives travel is OPEN , the waves are ON and the surf is UNCROWDED!


Our second group The Epinitos Family left last week and so have the Leinberger Family…….. waves are starting to cook , the water is crystal clear and warm with turtles and tropical fish as far as the eye can see.

True Blue is running some BIG SPECIALS right now – so get in Early and Pull the trigger and save between 15 and 40% on your accommodation.

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