Thank you:
Greg Bertish!

If you have never seen ’50 shades of such true blue water’ then Maldives is the business!
Micky: Maldives islander surf chief… every day you called it right, from chickens or cokes to sultans or jailbreaks, something for everyone, never seen so many people smile so often all at once, we surfed classic lines and beautiful overheads, we got drilled.. Tombstones don’t lie with exhilarating relief as you see the warm smiles from familiar families (Elliots/Neil’s) as you befriend the next unknown soul surfer from another corner of the world (even just for that moment) in constant awe and appreciation for natures many gifts. We dived, we fished, we swam, we jumped, we sang, we laughed, and we just lived and surfed like no tomorrow, every moment a true blue gift.

Giancarlo Lanfranchi ( 20/08/2015)