Greg Bertish the Surf Travel Guru is an email away to help organise and plan an epic surf travel holiday

* You tell me what your looking for in waves, accommodation, activities & budget.

* I send you my suggestions, ideas, tips, secret info & photos based on where I have been ,or whom I know in those places.

* You like my suggestions, I get you a Super Deal

* You pay me a referral/booking fee of $50 to $100 per person(which is deducted later from the balance of the payment for your trip)

* I introduce you directly to the owner of the Camp/Lodge/Resort or Charter Boat via e-mail.

* You liaise, confirm, make changes, chat too and pay the owner directly for your stay.

* The owner discounts you the $50 or $100 per person from the balance you pay them (in lieu of what is already paid).

* You pay the same & often less than what you could have got this booking for online or direct with the service provider.